So Anthrocon 2014 is pretty much done on SUnday night after the Dealer’s Room is closed, and everybody wants to get in their last partying on with friends, before going back home on Monday morning. So people will go to the ‘zoo'(meeting place/hangout area) and meet people, party a little while longer.
There’s a subset of the furry fandom, called dancer furs. At most conventions nowadays, there will be a fursuit dance competition. It’s exactly what it says: dancers in fursuit compete against each other! It’s all done in fun, in community, and in support and encouragement to each other, no matter what level you are! I’m DEFINITELY a beginner!
So back to Sunday night, a dance cypher was announced, so I wanted to check it out. Lots of talented people there, including my friend Theome. Just as he’s about done with his turn, he mentions to ME to get up and dance! What do I do?? Find out next week!

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