My friend Lexx (aka Dad) couldn’t make it to Anthrocon in 2014, so they decided to have a ‘mini-con’ at their house after the convention. Since I had to pick up our friend Vanny, and their friend on the way to the convention, I decided it would be a good idea to spend the night at Lexx’ so I wouldn’t have to get up so early at home in the morning. Break up the trip (Pittsburgh is a 8-9 hour drive from Long Island)
So after a nutty drive, I made my infamous grilled cheese (which was later utilized at ‘DadCon’ as the ‘buns’ for cheeseburgers!!). We attempted to watch The Young Ones on DVD, but I was completely shot after working earlier that day and driving there, that we got the last panel that you see here! I didn’t even make it past the first episode!